Celebrate Independence Day on a Budget

Buying themed party supplies and décor can get very pricey, as well as the menu.  Here are some ideas I am using to make my outdoor celebration fun without breaking the bank.

The Basics:  I went to my local Goodwill Store and dollar stores and shopped around.  I found a white linen table cloth, some linen napkins and some red, blue, and white plates of different sizes.  I also found a nice assortment of glassware to use for cocktails and table decorations.



The Main Attraction:  My table, where all the yummy food will be displayed is my focal point.  My finds at the dollar stores included aquarium rocks, flags, candles, ribbon, silk flowers and anything else that looked festive.  My layers started with the white table cloth.  The linen napkins, I dyed red and blue.  For the accents, I used the items I found.  This is where I got creative and used the glasses, like one would use with mason jars.  But, I wanted to go with a more sophisticated look.



The patio:  This is where it’s all going to happen, so it had to look just as festive as my table but, without taking away from the main event.  The food!  First I hung white Christmas lights around the edge of the patio; this gives a nice warm glow for when the sun goes down.  Along the edges I hung medium size Flags I found.   The patio chairs, I recovered with red and blue shams.


The menu:  Pork and chicken kabobs with lots of veggies, Hamburger sliders with bleu cheese spread, Arugula Pesto Potato Salad for the main dishes.  Star shaped watermelon using a cookie cutter and seedless watermelon, and mini strawberry shortcakes for dessert.  Cocktails consisting  of Ginger Spiked Lemonade and Homemade Sangria for the wine lovers.  All served on festive dishes and glassware.  The grill I use is a portable charcoal grill, which sets on a pallet of cinder blocks.  I added concrete steps as a walk to the grill.



Have a safe and delicious Independance Day! I hope these ideas inspire your creativity to have your own unique festive party!