Making your Dream of Financial Freedom a Reality-Part three

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We all have good intentions- whether it’s getting back to following a good budget or trying to lose that last 10 lbs.  I had a hard time getting back to my series I have been working on.  I had to do some thinking and this is what I figured out. I had been very bummed out because I have to move to a new house, because I wasn’t following my own advice.  I know better, what is wrong with me?

Setbacks:  My credit isn’t all that great.  After the crash in 2008 it has been a struggle to get back on my feet.  And it’s so easy to use the crutch of the crash of 2008.  I do have to work a lot harder to get my finances and credit back in order, this is not an easy task.  This is the whole inspiration of my series.  We were working on buying a house, probably bigger than was budgetly comfortable.  WE FAILED.


We didn’t pay down those cards and was a little lazy on keeping payments on time.  We also dragged out the lease for another year, assuming the owner was going to keep original contract.  Make sure you have everything in writing!  Lesson learned.

So, we are starting over again.  It sucks.  But, this time we are going to do it right!  Gonna stick to that diet or budget.  My resolution!

Positive Reinforcement:  So, let’s take an interlude from budgeting tasks and work on personal motivation, how do successful people do it? There are many thoughts and ideas out there, whether it’s inspirational, exercise, or meditation.  It doesn’t really matter which style you choose.  They all have the same outcome:  Positive reinforcement!  Every day, reinforce positive thoughts in your life.  Leave sticky notes all over your house if you have to.  The goal here is to get in the habit every day.

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Getting back on Track:  Now back to budgeting.  Now that we have knocked out all those monthly loan and credit card payments, there should be stretching room to build that safety net.  The goal here is to build an emergency fund that can support you and your family for 3 to 6 months.  More math, ugh… but you need to calculate out how much your family will need to survive in case you lose your job or become ill and can’t work.  Usually around $15,000.00 depending on income and expenses.  At this point you should also be stocking up your pantry.  Foods that are non-perishable; such as dry goods and canned goods, flour, baking mixes, pasta, even those boxed complete meals, you want to stock up for 3 months of meals as well.  Once you’ve established your pantry, be sure to rotate your goods every time you buy new goods; oldest up front, new to the back etc….


Now that we have established a nice safety net, we can work on the next steps to raising our credit scores.  But, that is for another day.

Remember to take time every day to do our positive reinforcement mantras and hope you all have a wonderful week!

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