I Decorated my Home with Goodwill Stuff

thrift store (2)

I would say we live on an average income, but with the income to cost ratio there isn’t enough money to go around for extra stuff.  I don’t know who can afford new stuff, going out, or even the cost of groceries, it certainly isn’t us.  I know this is a credit card nation, but can a person afford all that stuff without using credit?  Of course, starting over again at my age I feel like I am a day late and a dollar short from the get go.

So how does one in their 40’s with bad credit and median income start over?  It does feel like the odds are stacked against us; just have to keep plugging along and hopefully we can get ahead.

I needed to fill our new home with stuff; you know a couch, maybe some chairs, the usual attire that makes a house a home without using credit and living on a tight budget.

Goodwill;   It amazes me how much furniture is being donated to Goodwill.  Those other people that can afford new stuff I suppose.  I am fortunate enough to live by a very nice one; they even have a selection of different furniture pieces.  I have a pickup so it was very easy to bring home what I needed.

Dollar Stores;   Things that I don’t want to use second hand; like sheets and towels, I purchased at the local Dollar Stores.  There are also many lovely dollar store DIY sites, such as Pinterest to get cute decorating ideas on the cheap as well so I can use my mad skills and create original decorating pieces.

living room

Fabric Stores;   Some of the furniture pieces I got were good sturdy items, but I wanted to update the fabric on the chairs and stuff and make matching throw pillows to tie everything together.  I shopped around and found a great fabric place by the Mall that has tons of marked down fabric; like $1 to $3 a yard!  I bought extra so if I need to replace a covering later on.

So with a little imagination and decorating skill, I managed to decorate and fill up my 1800 sq. foot home for less than $3000.00!  No new credit card or loan payments for this thrifty gal.