Fall Decorating Tips for the Not- So- Crafty Crafter

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons (I only like four of them).  I love to decorate my home with all the seasons’ gifts Mother Nature has to offer; Mums, pumpkins, scarecrows, hay bales and wild flowers of golds, oranges and yellows.  I especially love those cute pics on Pinterest of fancy porches or table toppings with autumn décor.  Have you ever tried copying those ideas and it doesn’t look quite right?  Well, I have, and unless it involves a staple gun or a hot glue gun, then it’s no Bueno for me.

I am the not so crafty crafter.  I don’t know if I just can’t quite obtain the skill, or if my patience is short or maybe it’s my short attention span.  Whatever the reason is, I have learned to work around my short comings.  I take a project, that looks complicated and time consuming and make my own simpler version; using my handy dandy tools.


The Front Porch; I love Pinterest.  There are so many cute ideas on that site; this is my starting point.  I will scour through pics until I find the one I like that is simple to recreate and I can use materials that aren’t going to cost a lot of money.  My ultimate goal is to be able to let my creative side shine without busting the secret stash.

When shopping for items, I always start in my attic or garage; I am sure I have some left over pieces that are still in good shape.  Then it’s off to Goodwill for me.  Sometimes, when I am bargain shopping, my idea will take on a new shape.  I will find some neat trinket or someone else’s leftover and it will inspire a whole new idea.

I will take my finds from Goodwill, the dollar store or maybe a garage sale I happen to stumble upon, and start working on my Frankenstein creation.  That scarecrow I found I can use as my focal point and surround it with hay bales, maybe add some burlap ribbon to wrap around that brick that is holding up the cute little owl I found.  Add some plastic sunflowers, mums and some gourds and I have a cute display of autumn harvest on my doorstep.

harvest table

A Festive Table; I want the inside of my home to be just as festive as the outside.  The dining table is always a good place to start.  We want to start with the base layer; I start with a solid color table cloth.  Since my table is so big, I use a basic color then add a smaller one that is harvest decorated.  The next layer is linen napkins in a festive homemade napkin ring.

wine glass candles

The centerpiece, which is the table’s focal point, will be made of things I have created.  Such as large wine glasses filled with potpourri with tea light candles, cinnamon scented pinecones and china filled with wine corks and ribbon (which I seem to have a lot of).


Kitchen; my favorite hangout is the kitchen; this is where I can really bring out the season’s greatest treasures; the smell of baked cookies, breads and simmering spices of orange, cinnamon and nutmeg.   One of my favorite tricks is to have a tea pot simmering on the stove with orange peels, cinnamon sticks, vanilla, maybe some cloves thrown in there to give my home that wonderful warm smell that takes us back to gramma’s house.

cookies on china

On the counter I will have some sort of baked good sitting on the family china, and use those plates and dish ware! They are only collecting dust in the china cabinet anyway.   I use the good dishes whenever I can.  And if you aren’t blessed with gramma’s baking skill, there is nothing wrong with buying baked goods from the day old bakery section and serving it on your fancy dishes.  (I am guilty of this cheat)

simple porch

We now have an inviting front porch with our harvest decorations using our staple gun and glue gun, our dining table is festive and the kitchen smells wonderful.  And since we got all of our items from discounted places, it didn’t cost us more than a thin dime.