Thanksgiving; it’s all About Giving


The winter holidays are here again.  Leaves are turning, weather is getting cooler and it’s that time of year when our budgets feel the most pain.  Planning and budgeting for the holidays can sometimes be tricky; especially when you are the host of all the family festivities.

I have always been the lucky one to host Thanksgiving Dinner.  I have always loved doing it; getting up in the wee hours of the morning to get the bird prepped and stuffed, and getting the pies ready for baking- mmmm pies…..


I really do miss having all the family over; gramma wanting to help and getting in your way ,brother in law hitting the scotch a little too early in the day  and having heavy conversations with sister’s new boyfriend on politics and religion, which usually ends up in some heated argument.  Children fighting over the video game console; the pre-teen bored out of her mind.  Ahhh, family gatherings…….



This is the one holiday that we reflect on what we have; whether it is the big family gatherings or the not so big.

I was going to give tips on savings on the big T day, but I don’t really have anything to offer, nothing felt right. Sure I could post some great recipes or how to save on décor but I think I have covered that.  This is the one time of year we should be Thankful of our families, as messed up as they are and if Mother wants that certain family tradition dish, then make it.


Maybe I am being a little nostalgic but I miss the huge family Thanksgiving get together. Maybe this is the one time of year that we should throw that budget away and just appreciate what we have and give what we can give.  So many people are out there with so little, so maybe we should just appreciate our crazy families and feed them until their bellies are full and if we have some left over share with the not so fortunate.

family dinner

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and if you are able; share with the lesser folks, whether it be a soup kitchen or just donate some extra cans of green beans to your local church or food closet.

soup kitchen