5 DIY Christmas Decorating Hacks I’ve learned along the way


We made it through Thanksgiving; now it’s time to rev up our Christmas Spirit.  I don’t know about you, but I love getting my house ready for the Christmas Festivities.  Each and every room in the house has a touch of Christmas, so you don’t forget what time of year it is as you walk down the hallway to a different room.

These are a just a few things I do to show my festive spirit and, of course, all are budget friendly.

angel ornaments

The Tree; Instead of paying ridiculous prices for ornaments and garland- make your own.  For the garland I use tulle; you can also use wide ribbon or burlap ribbon. It can be found anywhere from Hobby Lobby to Dollar Stores, a spool of ribbon costs anywhere from 1 to 3 dollars depending on where you buy it.

garland tree

My ornaments are almost all handmade;  since I have acquired a lot of wine corks, my main tree is wine themed.  I have made many variations of wine cork ornaments, using beads and ribbon, add some silk flowers, which cost about 5 bucks at Walmart and cut the flowers from the stem and add them throughout the tree.  Simple, yet elegant.

silk flower

The front porch; I took an old chair from the garage and spray painted it red. I went shopping at my local Goodwill and found some Christmas themed throw pillows and a cute Santa.

red chair

There are a lot of Christmas stuff at Goodwill, so anything you find that suits your fancy will be there to find.  I found a red basket and filled it with pine cones and branches I gathered from my yard and added some twinkle lights for a festive basket.

better wreath

I also made my own festive wreath, made from some twine from Walmart and some silk flowers I just tucked and wrapped around the twine.

christmas candle

Table top  décor;  candles, bowls and any kind of pretty dish you already have, just use sparkly tulle, ribbon, Christmas balls, silk flowers and potpourri and use your creative flair to design your own festive table toppers, the potpourri will give off a nice subtle festive scent as well.

living room xmas

Living room;  From my finds I swapped out throw pillows and blankets with the festive ones.  I added some silk poinsettias to flower vases and set around the house on shelves.


Kitchen and bath;  Add some festive hand towels and soap dispensers to the sink area to add that touch of Christmas.  Simmer some cinnamon sticks, clove, vanilla or any other pungent spice over the kitchen stove to leave your house smelling Christmasy all season long.


Now, my whole house is ready for Santa, and I didn’t have to spend a lot of money on decorations.  Whatever winter holiday you celebrate, there are so many cheap finds and craft ideas for you to incorporate into your holiday festivities.