Tranquil Winter Nights



One of the great things about winter is the beautiful purple sunsets. Most of us don’t seem to notice, we are so busy with the season’s festivities; we just need to stop for a moment and enjoy one of Mother Nature’s gifts to us.

purple relax


Here are some ways we can bring in the tranquil night sky into our home and enjoy the ambiance of wintertime, by infusing the delightful scent of vanilla, with its warm homey sweetness, to invoke tranquility into your most hectic winter night.


Scented Beeswax Heart; Scent your favorite room with this decorative accent.  Use a cookie cutter to cut a heart shape (or any shape you like) from a sheet of natural beeswax.  Wrap the shape in cheesecloth and infuse it with a few drops of vanilla essential oil. Place the wrapped beeswax in a plastic bag for a week.  Remove and decorate the beeswax shape with dried flowers and a bow.


Vanilla Fabric Softener; Soften clothes and boost cleaning power with this natural fabric softener.  Dissolve 1 cup baking soda in 2 cups distilled water then add 1 cup white vinegar and 40 drops of vanilla oil.  Mix well then add ¼ cup to your final rinse cycle.


Vanilla Rose Bath Fizz;  Blend ½ cup baking soda and ¼ cup each cornstarch and citric acid in a glass bowl.  Add 1 tsp each melted cocoa butter and vanilla oil and ½ tsp rose oil.(or any other scent you choose)  Mix well. Slowly blend in 1 tsp rose water.  Pack mixture into molds, turn out on waxed paper to dry for 24 hours, then store in an air tight container.  Put one comforting and calming fizz in your bath.


body cream

Tranquility Body Cream; Your skin will love the nourishing effect of this luscious cream, just in time for winter parchness.  Start with a ½ cup of unscented body cream, contents of 2 vitamin E capsules, 10 drops of vanilla oil and 4 drops of rose oil, or lavender or any other scent you like; mix ingredients with an electric mixer and enjoy the softness.


Vanilla Sugar; Use vanilla sugar in place of regular sugar in beverages or your favorite recipe that calls for it; just place a vanilla bean into your sugar container and allow to permeate for 2 weeks.


Sit back and relax in your favorite comfy chair and bask in the warm vanilla scents as you watch the purple sunset fade into the night.