I’m not a Cheap Date; Just Budget Friendly

shoe flowers


Ah, Valentine’s Day; in my opinion a day created by Media Advertising and Hallmark.  The stores are filled with candies in fancy boxes, stuffed bears, balloons and special cards for our loved ones.  And the not so lucky that aren’t paired up with their significant other; can be reminded of their single-ness.

Despite my opinion on the subject, I do enjoy getting flowers and trinkets from my sweetheart, maybe a nice dinner date as well.  After all, who wants to be left out?  Not me!

So I thought this would be a good time to come up with some fun and inexpensive ways to celebrate this love fest and not overdraw the checking account.


The Traditional couple; If you are one of those that likes to stick with the tried and true; you can create the perfect date without going over budget.

Instead of making reservations at that fancy restaurant, create that cozy atmosphere using a little imagination.  Depending on where you live, can decide on where your setting is going to be.  Such as the rooftop of your apartment, the gazebo in your backyard, or even the comfort of your kitchen.

Shop around at the local dollar stores and thrift stores to find those items that suit your fancy to create your romantic space, and depending on your culinary skills; you can whip up that special dinner, or if cooking is not in your vocabulary order some Chinese takeout or visit your local Deli for your food fare.

Don’t forget to add some flowers from your florist and pick them up, having them delivered is what makes the cost skyrocket!

picture frame

The Crafty Couple; Do you have a knack for crafts?  Make your sweetie something that they can cherish, knowing you put time and effort in, makes that trinket that much more special.  One of my favorite handmade gifts is taking a picture frame and adding memorabilia inside, such as concert tickets, or maybe you kept keepsakes from your first date, or even cut out selfies of the two of you.  Another idea is to knit matching scarves and hats for you two lovebirds.  Anything you have a crafty knack for and make that special gift for your special love.



The Active Couple; Is outside your favorite place to be?  Exploring new parks or caves?   You can pick a new spot that your partner has never been to before and surprise them with a picnic on the edge of a waterfall.  Or if you have a favorite place and surprise them with a place setting already made up.  Take advantage of your environment; if you live near a lake, grab a 6 pack of your favorite beverage and pair it with some food fare from a local vendor, whether it be Tacos from Texas or Shrimp and Sourdough bread from the California Coast.

video games

If Tech Wiz is the name of your game, make a favorites’ on an IPod; or download your favorite video games and spend the day or night, just the two of you hashing it out on the PS4; or a better twist, download those old Atari or Nintendo games for some nostalgic game playing.

heart sand

The Single and Loving it; when my daughter was in College, and not interested in pairing up she would throw Anti-Valentine’s Parties.  All her unpaired friends would come together and celebrate Un Valentine’s Day.   BYOB was the theme (should I have knowledge of this?) and since she loves to throw parties, she would create the perfect smorgasbord of delectable snacks.

There are a lot of ideas to make your day special without spending tons of cash.  With a little planning and creativity, you can have a Special Valentine’s Day to remember!  If you have ways you celebrate and want to share, please add comments below!