Making a Bold Statement in a Tiny Bathroom

tiny bath

I don’t know if it is a Texas thing, but every house I have lived in, always had that one tiny bathroom.  Sometimes, more often than not, it was in the master bedroom; like the house I am in now.  Of course, it is the dreariest plain space, with no invitation to even go in there.

Depending on your sense of style, you can make this tiny space more appealing, by using some DIY bold statements of color and shapes to make this your favorite refuge without spending your emergency savings.

First of all, stand in your tiny space and look around.  Sometimes a good scrubbing can make a world of difference.  Is there caulk that needs to be updated around showers and sinks?  Old paint dribbled on counter tops and tile that need to be scraped off?  How about that place behind the commode that no one wants to clean?

Now, that we have our boring bathroom sparkling clean, let’s look at some ways you want to make your powder room pop.

bath cabinet

Wood staining; my new best friend in staining cabinets and furniture is Java Gel Stain.  My skill set is mediocre at best, but this stuff is so easy to use.  No sanding or prep of any kind; just tape along the edges and ‘paint’ it on with some good quality sponges.  A pack of sponges come in a variety of sizes so you can reach those tiny corners and grooves.   The bold wood adds the right amount of contrast and you can still add some bold statement pieces without looking overwhelming.  A quart goes a long way, and you can find it pretty cheap on Amazon.


Paint; this is always a fresh option; there are so many colors to choose from to satisfy any insatiable need for color.  Depending on the boldness of the paint you choose will decide how much you want to use.  If you are going for a deep color, try to only do a partial wall or one section.  For example:  behind the water closet or above the vanity.  Too much of a good thing will swallow up your space and make it appear even smaller.  A good tip is the more bold paint you use, the more streamlined your decor and fixtures need to be.


Wallpaper; I cringe at this word because I have seen a lot of over use of wallpaper in my day; but there are so many choices and patterns now, you can find the right paper to satisfy your wallpapering addiction.  There are even stencil patterns that would look fabulous on a bare wall.  You can even add some shelving to break up or incorporate your wallpapered area.


Statement Pieces; If staining, painting, wallpapering or any other major time consuming project doesn’t fit your time schedule; you can still make your potty shine with statement pieces.  Replace that boring square mirror with an embellished one you found at World of Imports on the clearance isle.  Hang some fabulous curtains for that tiny window and have them drape to the floor and don’t forget (if there is space) to use a fancy curtain rod.  Hang one large wall art on a spare wall.  Add a mirror adjacent to your vanity mirror to add depth.

bath curtain

You can add some finishing touches by adding some shelves to keep your toiletries off of the counter,  some nice smelling soap in a pretty dispenser; even  keep some soaps in a dish on a shelf with some candles to give it that spa feel.  One very important thing to add, make sure your towels have a nice place to rest when airing out between showers.  There are cute ladder style racks you can lean on a wall, if attaching a rod on a wall is not an option.

All of these ideas can be done in 100$ or less.  Just remember not to overdo your boldness, and enjoy your new tiny space.