5 of my Favorite Tools for all of my DIY Projects



I love doing projects, especially when it comes to creating a unique space in my home on the cheap.  Although my skillset is mediocre at best, I do have some favorite cheats to cover up my lack of skills.

Many of my ideas on home interior usually involve stuff lying around my yard, garage, attic, etc; and things I don’t have always come from a thrift shop or the local dollar store.  But, what do you do with this stuff and how do you make it work?  Well, I am going to share my little secrets to make that project come to life!

staple gun

  • Staple gun; I love my staple gun! I can use it on any surface that is sturdy enough to hold the staples.  When I put shelf liner paper on my back splash in my kitchen; I used a staple gun to hold it up.  Reupholstering chairs, head boards, frames, any project that is wood like gets the staple gun treatment!

penny jar

  • Hot glue gun; remember that phase about 20 years ago when everyone was hot gluing everything onto anything they could get their hands on?  Well, I still to this day use mine.  My glue gun has been my tried and true friend for taking care of smaller projects, like hot gluing things to stuff.


  • Safety Pins; yes, I use them when I recover couch or chair cushions, or even recovering pillows. I do not have a sewing machine so this is my way of ‘sewing’ things together.


  • Battery operated screwdriver; this is a must for your bag of cheats. Any time I am putting together furniture that comes in a box of planks, and when I am hanging curtains or wall hangings.


  • Tape; some projects just require a little creativity where my other tools don’t quite work. Not only that, if you are painting something, you can use tape to cover things you don’t want painted.  I also use tape to make sure my wall hangings stay straight.  I also use tape for those hard to reach places that need to be attached somewhere.


All of my secrets are out; now you know what I keep in my tool bag.  If you have cheat tools you use and would like to share, please comment below and happy DIY’ing!