Blog Posts-Where do my Ideas come from?




grammaAs I sit here on my bed with my laptop in my lap and my pooches napping by my side staring at the cursor wondering “What am I going to write about today?” And I have no idea; some days are harder than others, especially right now because of my living situation.  It’s not like I can take a room and repaint walls, or stain cabinets, or even go the local thrift shop and find some nifty item and recreate an entire space, then write about it.   So, today I am going to share my process on how my thoughts end up on a page when I have to get creative.


First of all I scour the internet looking for websites that offer blog ideas.  There are quite a few actually, blog name generators and just lists of ideas; when I find one that feels right, I go with it.


Another idea is looking through different social media sites.  I try to stay away from ideas that are repeats from other blogs; I don’t want to read for the fifth time how a certain thing is done, and I certainly don’t want to do that to you.

Sometimes if I am lucky, they just pop in my head.  Those are my favorite because I can just keep writing and writing, it just flows out of me like water coming down on a water fall.  But, that is not the case today, today is the opposite of what I just described.

working woman

I mostly write about things I have done, those are by far the easiest pieces to write, and if I were going to use that example today, well I spent three hours fighting with two vacuum cleaners, trying to vacuum the family room and the stairs.  After 3 broken belts and one clogged filter I finally accomplished my mission.  Well, that wasn’t so bad, but I don’t think I could’ve stretched that into an entire blog!


Next week I will try to get back to my main theme of budgeting and DIY hacks on the cheap.  Maybe throw in some fun recipes I have been making for my new surrogate household.  Until then, have a great week, and please comment on my contact us page!