Freebies around the Web 30 day Challenge


couponsSince I am homeless, jobless and penniless, I have to save every penny I do have, which means I need to be even more creative when it comes to saving money.  Just getting basic supplies can be ridiculously expensive, so I have been scouring the internet and found tons of sites that offer free stuff.  This gave me the idea of doing a freebie 30 day challenge; and of course I want to share my new found knowledge with you.

Here are some freebie sites I found,

these are brand specific sites; Walmart and Target also have freebie pages.


There is always a birthday lurking around every corner, so I found this site:  for a complete listing of every possible freebie you can think of for your special day.birthday


I hope these sites help you in your quest for surviving on a budget and staying within your means to live a stress free budgeting lifestyle.  Feel free to add your ideas on my contact us page!