When I feel like Giving Up

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade…..what exactly does that mean?

Inspire meI know we all have bad days, or weeks where we just lose our inspiration, or drive to keep going forward against all obstacles.  Sometimes those obstacles can be overwhelming and they just keep coming and coming and  you wonder when is it going to stop and maybe if you just give up the obstacles will just stop and just accept that you are a failure, and will never achieve greatness, and I will always be that person who settled and   I will just stay in bed.

moonBut as I lay in bed, wallowing in self-pity, I can see….I see the success, the life that I am fighting for; it’s right there….just beyond my grasp….  So, why can’t I reach it?  Why?

One thing that is good about those days of wallowing, it gives me a chance to slow down a little bit, reevaluate what I am doing, maybe there is a step in there that I am missing or maybe I am overthinking one particular area and not enough of another, and as I lay there, the light bulb comes on!  Thank you!


A new dayNo one has ever achieved their dream overnight. Everyone who is living the way they want to live, had to struggle, fight, starve a little to get where their heart and soul has fought for.  And that is exactly it right there.  You have to fight, and struggle (and hope some money comes in soon) so you can pay the marketing campaigns to keep your stuff out there.


lifeNo one ever said life would be easy, and if it were we certainly would not appreciate it.  The harder we work to achieve our goals, the more it is going to mean to us and that is what makes us so successful.  It’s not the dollar signs and the house and car.  It’s knowing deep down in your heart, you overcame all of those obstacles and nay-Sayers and that you did make it and it is your success!  And when you lay your head down every night, you can go to bed with a smile, because you didn’t give up, you succeeded.


I hope if you are struggling with a project, this gets you inspired, and please like and comment.

With Hugs and Hope