Starting Over-The Struggles are Real


It has been a little over two months since I left my bad situation, and starting over from scratch can definitely have its moments.  Having no car, no home and limited funds can definitely make things challenging.

For instance, where I am staying has no public transportation, so it makes it hard to get around. So I have been walking a lot!  Good thing there is a Wal-Mart nearby!  Finding a job is also very challenging with no car or public transportation makes my options very limited.  Don’t forget the bad credit that is slowly creeping up on me, since I can’t make payments.  Another nice thing my last situation has left me.

hot sun

There is also the challenge of living in another household.  I have my two fur babies, so if and when I do leave the house to take care of errands or do side jobs I have to rely on others to watch my pooches, and there are times I just feel like I am burdening them.  I run into differences in lifestyle, and that becomes a challenge.  I try to pitch in as much as possible without interfering with anyone else’s habits, or move things where they can’t find them.


I jump over one hurdle only to fall flat on my face with the next one right in front of it.  So, I pick myself up, dust off and keep on hurdling.  I try to take each step slowly and cautiously, sometimes I see a light at the end of the tunnel, then all of a sudden something snuffs out that flame, and keeping my head up daily just seems fruitless.  Staying positive definitely has its challenges and I am too stubborn to give up, so I keep pushing through and hopefully it will all work out.

taking the train

I finally got a job interview, now the next challenge is getting there.  And what if I actually do get the job?  How am I supposed to do the daily commute?  So, that means my next plan of action is to start shopping for a car.  Let’s see, I have $1200.00 in savings, what is that going to get me?  Well, as long as it has wheels and brakes and a motor, I will be just fine, right?

I am working on my online stuff too, there are virtual assistant opportunities and I can use my web developing skills to try to make a few dollars.  It is still trickling in, patience is a virtue that I am still working on.

focus (2)

No one ever told me life would be easy and it certainly isn’t, and I am sure each and every one of us has their story to tell.   But aren’t these challenges what makes life so interesting and grand?  And just think, when and I mean when I do finally make it, my story will be a great one.

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