The Light at the end of the Tunnel


Here it is, two days before my job interview.  I am a little nervous, so much is hinging on me getting this job, and the pay is exactly what I need to get a small apartment and live within means.  It is amazing actually, I don’t remember applying for this particular job; maybe someone upstairs is watching out for me.

morning commute

(Photo by Orville Snider/Getty Images)

I did find a car, another blessing in my book.  I paid cash for it and it runs like a kitten.  I even had just enough money left over to get it registered in my name. The money situation is getting snug, my fur babies are starting to look like little wookies, but they are fed and happy.  We all have a warm bed to sleep in and food for our bellies.


I keep working on my online courses so I can make something from this blog and website; with some hope and faith it will all come together.  Even though I am completely broke, I am in a much better situation than I was. Don’t ever settle for being abused.  Mentally, physically or emotionally. 


Every day I wake up.  Some days are harder than others, but I keep on trying and with a little perseverance I will succeed.

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