I Live Like a Minimalist


Since I have been living my new lifestyle for the past few months and as I meet new people, I get asked A LOT what I do for a living and what part of town do I live?  I didn’t realize what an invasive question that was until recently, and I have a really hard time answering.


It usually involves a long and drawn out explanation of why I am in my current situation and I don’t really like sharing that much personal information with people I just met. My shortened smart ass  answer usually involved ” I am a content writer for Diane’s Thrifty Cupboard and I live with my family.”   Then I decided to just answer that I am a minimalist.  Of course, with further mental examination, what exactly is a minimalist anyway?  So, I dug deep into the depths of the interwebz and this is what I came up with.


A minimalist can be pretty much anything you want it to mean.  Isn’t society great!  It can mean you have no home or car and you carry all of your belongings in your back pack and travel all of the exotic places and live day to day as opportunities arise.   Or it can mean you have just enough personal belongings to live comfortably in your tiny house with your family.  It means whatever it needs to mean for YOU.  The most important part of minimalism is avoiding over consumerism and not being so attached to your belongings that it controls your soul.  That’s it in a nutshell.


History has shown us, we as consumerists have become so attached to our belongings that we will kill ourselves to try to keep it; It is incredible once you think about it.  Remember Dad working 80 hours a week, so his family can have the best house, car, furniture, clothes that money can buy?  That status symbol was ever so important.  I am pretty sure that is where the coined term ‘living like the Jones’ came from.


I think now, we are moving away from that mentality.  Being happy and content with our soul is much more important than that shiny new Buick.  Well, I hope so anyway.   Makes you really think how this is going to affect us globally.  Consumerism is pretty much what makes the world go round.

I kind of like being a minimalist. I certainly live within my means.  No income, no home and very few belongings.  I even think opportunist is squeezing in there as well!   I can be a hipster with my new millennial lingo and smoke my Vape. (Much cheaper than cigarettes)

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