Violating Personal Boundaries – Being Robbed of your Personal Stuff



There are no words to describe the feeling you get when you realize you’ve been robbed.  Whether it is your purse, cell phone, car, home or personal media device.  I have had the experience of all of these happen in my lifetime.

When I was fresh out of college, I accidentally left my purse in my car with the keys on the floorboard.  Some kids decided to go for a joy ride and write some checks.  They left my car at a gas station near the highway, and when the snow melted, different people around town found various contents of my belongings.  The joy of closing accounts, replacing ID cards and bank cards, and don’t forget the hassle of local grocers wanting their money from the hot checks that were written.

My home was robbed 3 times within a six month period.  All from the same person.  Remember that saying “No good deed goes unpunished”?  Well, I was trying to lend a hand to a troubled teen and he returned the favor by stealing family heirlooms, electronics, and  any thing worth pawning.  He even took the time to have a hot pocket and finish off my beer.

My past experiences with controlling narcopaths; my cell phone would have spy ware so they could monitor all of my activity.  They would even search my belongings just to try to find something to start a fight with.

My latest, was my personal notebook.  My life could not be complete without the full on virtual hijacking!  Besides the feeling of being completely cyber raped; I lost all of my digital art (because I didn’t back it up, tsk tsk)  and the complete list of the media center.

I did manage to go to the root directory and gather enough information with IP signatures to nail these bastards!  Now, the fun part begins….

All of these situations have been very valuable lessons for me, and because I love to share my knowledge with anyone who will listen; I felt the need to share my tips on how to stay safe from selfish evil doer’s.  Protect yourself, be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.  Since I am lazy, I am going to put links to websites that have already written about this.

stolen purse

Your purse:  According to, Purse thieves and pickpockets have been around for as long as anyone remembers – or at least as long as purses have been around. To many, being pickpocketed is just part of life, but knowing how purse thieves work is vital in reducing your chances of having your purse picked.  Take it from the women who it has happened to  – having your purse stolen or picked, especially overseas, can be very devastating.

cell phone

Spy ware on cell phones: There are millions of spyware apps out there and it is so incredibly easy to access your phone.   According to,  sometimes,  the concern is that someone might have installed spy software on a device you own, without your consent. This is often the case with marriage infidelity suspicions, causing one of the partners to secretly monitor the other’s cellphone or computer.


Car jacking:  This link has some very good information and tips.

robbed house

Your home:  has a lot of useful ideas to protect your humble abode


And finally-

Personal Media Devices:  I chose  because they had a more recent post on tips for staying safe.  I want you to have the most updated info.

I know this turned out to be a PSA, but even those who believe they are diligently practicing up to date safety measures, it doesn’t hurt to have a refresher.  Maybe there is something you haven’t applied to your system yet.

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