Not Giving Up


Today was my payday. Good thing too, I was out of snacks! I got dressed and took my walk to the Dollar Tree to get my necessities and much needed snacks- I have an incredible appetite, so I like to keep plenty of supplemental snacks on hand.

ice cream
More good news, I finally found a place to call my own. My son, pooches and me will soon be living in a one-bedroom apartment. Since we don’t have much, the move is going to be a breeze! We might have 8 boxes of stuff between the two of us!
I also learned a new word today, dapatical. I only found one definition: sumptuous of cheer. I like it, I will use it.


So, back to my walk to the dollar store. I really like walking, it’s a good way to clear my head and most of the time, the opportunity of the proverbial light bulb clicks on. The last few weeks have been another one of my rough learning patches. One would think, as many of these learning phases happen, I would be grown-up by now. NOPE
I have this incredible stubborn streak, (my red hair has nothing to do with it), HA! Anyway, I get stuff stuck in that thick skull of mine, and I will fight tooth and nail, because I am so positive I am right. Then after I calm down a bit, and let rational thinking creep back in, I can sort through my mess, some call a brain, and realize I have been a stubborn-ass-redhead once again.

spaghetti brain

If I could just listen to my partner in crime to what he is actually telling me, it sure would avoid lots of conflict and misunderstandings.
I am a complicated creature, though, I suppose most females are, and my spaghetti mess is constantly thinking of a million things all at once. I think the little hamster up there gets tired and drops the ball and gets some wires mixed up.

hamster wheel
I certainly still have a lot more lessons and learning to do and I have been given so many blessings in the past year.  Of many, I have a wonderful friend that has let me explore who I really am, so I can learn and grow.
You know what else? There is no hurry. We both have been in some doozies of situations along our paths to here, and we can take our time to grow and be better people for ourselves and each other.

guardian angel
Learning and growing certainly has its ups and downs. But, as long as we remember to follow our hearts and the path of the Divine, we are going to be alright.
And sometimes when we are at our lowest, is when we need to hear it the most, we are not alone. Our Divine Angels are all around us, protecting us, wrapping their wings around us and carrying us through the darkest of times.
So, no, I am not giving up