Did you know I used to drive a Mercedes?  Had the fancy house too- That’s where my fluffy spoiled ones come from.

I wasn’t convinced yet of switching from Android to Iphone.  I was a die-hard fan of Blackberry.  It was so easy; just plug your phone into your desktop or laptop with a special Blackberry plug in and downloaded program to go with it.

So, when I was so happily engaged with my narcopath, I had all of the fancy toys for grown-ups (not those)  all the way to the 70 inch TV in the bedroom to play Grand Theft Auto.  If that gives inkling to romantic life…..

I had this beautiful 3000 sq. ft. house, built in the  1970’s but still in a proper neighborhood.  I used the new Dodge Ram Hemi to go to the local Goodwill.  I found so many treasures!  I loaded up my fancy truck and dragged the pieces to my fancy home.  All by myself.  I didn’t mind.  Somehow in my crazy head, I decided this was important.  I swear to this day, it is a piece of hope that kept my sanity.

At the time, ‘we’ had an old pug-  Snarfie.  He probably weighed 25 lbs.  But, he was the most lovable dog.

He was the replacement of the family dogs of the time before.  Mimi and Daisy.

Mimi, would be the first time EVER , I betrayed my daughter.  The Dominos fell rapidly after that.


So now, six years later…….

My daughter graduated College and is finding her way.

My son, we grew up together, there are no other words.

Except I love my kids equally and the same.

I spend hours every day with both of my kids.  They are 30 and 25.

I am feeling more love and contentment and happy.  Isn’t that the most important thing?


Hugs and Hope




  1. I loled at the GTA reference because..well…that was a good game! I thought everyone had played that game at least once 😛


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