About Me


I have a college education and I have explored many areas of career interests from Banking to Truck Driving and everything in between. I have enjoyed everything I have experienced career wise, but have always been looking for something more. I have also raised 4 wonderful children, and I am proud of each and every one. And I am even blessed with a granddaughter.
I have been thrown in the brier patch and made a few bad decisions in my life, but came out without too many battle scars. In my soul’s journey, I have managed to take each struggle and learn from it.  I always felt there was more for me to do than just earn a living and keep a home. I have danced around my entire life struggling to find that missing piece to make my life complete.

I found that missing piece; I have been tearing down emotional walls and rebuilding myself back up so I can be who my true calling was meant to be.
My blog has been learning and growing along with me. I am a multi-faceted personality and through the different topics of my writings, I show many of my shards of self.
I am also writing my life story, which is its own journey.

My goal is to learn and grow and to share my knowledge with anyone who will listen, and hopefully bring inspiration to those who I can encourage.
Please join me in my journey of rediscovery and if you like what you read please share your thoughts and comments.



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