A New Beginning

So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservation, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality, nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit.

Christopher McCandless


June; the perfect time to start a new chapter.  My son and I are finally getting a one bedroom apartment!   If we can ever get moved in-it’s been one hurdle after another; but you can’t stop this stubborn red head!


The universe always has her own timing, so it is very important we listen to her!


This past weekend we planned on moving, but our unit flooded!  We would’ve lost all of  the few things we do own, AND I decided to get very sick.

I spent a few days in the hospital with some stomach issues, which told me it’s time to take my health a little more seriously.   I guess level 50 is the magic number to start thinking about that sorta thing.  The good news is, now I am part of the medical system and I have more options for care.

New carpet, new eating habits and a new outlook, I am ready for my next chapter!


So, with all of that life stuff happening, it’s time for me to get back into my handy dandy budgeting skills I am so famous for in unknown circles and get to budgeting!

These are a few of my old school tricks and some new ones that I have picked up along my journey of surviving this world on a budget!

big things

Big Things

Word of mouth works great when gathering things from scratch.  I clean house for a dear friend, she has been so wonderful, and if only everyone had a fraction of her giving heart; this world would be a hundred times better than it is right now.  Not only has she shared her home with my son for the past year, she has a garage full of furniture just waiting for a new home and has generously given it to us for our fresh start.  If only I could return the gratitude to her to show her and her family how this fills my being.

cool shop


Little Things

Of course, now I have the perfect excuse, I mean reason, to hit the Goodwill shops!  Oh, how I miss my second hand shopping!  I can do so many magical things with my findings from Goodwill!  Curtains, throw pillows, baskets, odd pieces, whatever my whimsical heart desires!  I have a few blogs on this very topic, since it is one of my many favorites, but check this out for some ideas.

lady in bath

Saving money and the environment

Since I have to watch my budget and my health; I was trying to think of ways to do both.  Since paper towels can turn into a huge expense-what about using finger towels and linens for wiping and drying?  The dollar stores and secondhand stores have both for very cheap and I can reuse them!  I also found bleach tablets where the fabric dye is in the cleaning supplies at your favorite grocery store, so I can sanitize them during each wash cycle.  Not too shabby!  I can use the pretty baskets and dishes I found to display them nicely in my kitchen and bath to add some personal touch that blends with my décor.



Living in an apartment can make it challenging to keep the infestations to a minimum, so I am going to have succulents that have natural repellent properties. I haven’t actually tried these yet, but there is lots of info in the great world wide web, Mother Nature Network has lots of great info.




Since my furbabies have to share a yard with other critters, large and small; I will need to keep an area by the door with wipes and sprays to keep my babies from bringing in unwanted house guests.  This not only is healthier for me, but for them too.  I can use some hand towels to wipe them down so we all can be happy puppies!


Since we are also on the second floor, my poochieweenie doesn’t have a great attention span and a tiny bladder, so to remedy this, I can have an indoor potty yard just for her.  Keeps her off the carpet and instills the mindset of grass being the potty place for pooches.  You can find all kinds of grassy yards of all sizes and prices to fit your needs.  So far, I found that Amazon has the most variety.  I found one that is reusable that lasts for about 2 weeks depending on frequency of potty stops.

It is also very important for my babies to be current on their shots and flea maintenance.  There are always clinics to make sure this can be possible.  Check out humanesociety.org  to find out more.  And never skimp on your flea regimen.  For more info on my tips for caring for your fur ones check out my blog here

vintage shopping 2


With so many convenient options nowadays in the grocery store and the cost of food items, staying healthy and budget friendly can be quite a challenge.  My cure for this problem is buying fresh fruits and veggies and dividing them up into meal size packages and following food guidelines for proper storing. Good Housekeeping has some very reputable tips.

I could keep on going on and on,  but I do tend to get long in sharing, so maybe another day.

I just got a phone call that the apartment is still being worked on, so just a few more days…….


When I do finally get to move in, I am kissing the floor and am going to have a good cry!

Thank you for reading and

Hugs and Hope!



Celebrate Independence Day on a Budget

Diane's Thrifty Cupboard

Buying themed party supplies and décor can get very pricey, as well as the menu.  Here are some ideas I am using to make my outdoor celebration fun without breaking the bank.

The Basics:  I went to my local Goodwill Store and dollar stores and shopped around.  I found a white linen table cloth, some linen napkins and some red, blue, and white plates of different sizes.  I also found a nice assortment of glassware to use for cocktails and table decorations.


The Main Attraction:  My table, where all the yummy food will be displayed is my focal point.  My finds at the dollar stores included aquarium rocks, flags, candles, ribbon, silk flowers and anything else that looked festive.  My layers started with the white table cloth.  The linen napkins, I dyed red and blue.  For the accents, I used the items I found.  This is where I got…

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5 of my Favorite Tools for all of my DIY Projects



I love doing projects, especially when it comes to creating a unique space in my home on the cheap.  Although my skillset is mediocre at best, I do have some favorite cheats to cover up my lack of skills.

Many of my ideas on home interior usually involve stuff lying around my yard, garage, attic, etc; and things I don’t have always come from a thrift shop or the local dollar store.  But, what do you do with this stuff and how do you make it work?  Well, I am going to share my little secrets to make that project come to life!

staple gun

  • Staple gun; I love my staple gun! I can use it on any surface that is sturdy enough to hold the staples.  When I put shelf liner paper on my back splash in my kitchen; I used a staple gun to hold it up.  Reupholstering chairs, head boards, frames, any project that is wood like gets the staple gun treatment!

penny jar

  • Hot glue gun; remember that phase about 20 years ago when everyone was hot gluing everything onto anything they could get their hands on?  Well, I still to this day use mine.  My glue gun has been my tried and true friend for taking care of smaller projects, like hot gluing things to stuff.


  • Safety Pins; yes, I use them when I recover couch or chair cushions, or even recovering pillows. I do not have a sewing machine so this is my way of ‘sewing’ things together.


  • Battery operated screwdriver; this is a must for your bag of cheats. Any time I am putting together furniture that comes in a box of planks, and when I am hanging curtains or wall hangings.


  • Tape; some projects just require a little creativity where my other tools don’t quite work. Not only that, if you are painting something, you can use tape to cover things you don’t want painted.  I also use tape to make sure my wall hangings stay straight.  I also use tape for those hard to reach places that need to be attached somewhere.


All of my secrets are out; now you know what I keep in my tool bag.  If you have cheat tools you use and would like to share, please comment below and happy DIY’ing!

Making a Bold Statement in a Tiny Bathroom

tiny bath

I don’t know if it is a Texas thing, but every house I have lived in, always had that one tiny bathroom.  Sometimes, more often than not, it was in the master bedroom; like the house I am in now.  Of course, it is the dreariest plain space, with no invitation to even go in there.

Depending on your sense of style, you can make this tiny space more appealing, by using some DIY bold statements of color and shapes to make this your favorite refuge without spending your emergency savings.

First of all, stand in your tiny space and look around.  Sometimes a good scrubbing can make a world of difference.  Is there caulk that needs to be updated around showers and sinks?  Old paint dribbled on counter tops and tile that need to be scraped off?  How about that place behind the commode that no one wants to clean?

Now, that we have our boring bathroom sparkling clean, let’s look at some ways you want to make your powder room pop.

bath cabinet

Wood staining; my new best friend in staining cabinets and furniture is Java Gel Stain.  My skill set is mediocre at best, but this stuff is so easy to use.  No sanding or prep of any kind; just tape along the edges and ‘paint’ it on with some good quality sponges.  A pack of sponges come in a variety of sizes so you can reach those tiny corners and grooves.   The bold wood adds the right amount of contrast and you can still add some bold statement pieces without looking overwhelming.  A quart goes a long way, and you can find it pretty cheap on Amazon.


Paint; this is always a fresh option; there are so many colors to choose from to satisfy any insatiable need for color.  Depending on the boldness of the paint you choose will decide how much you want to use.  If you are going for a deep color, try to only do a partial wall or one section.  For example:  behind the water closet or above the vanity.  Too much of a good thing will swallow up your space and make it appear even smaller.  A good tip is the more bold paint you use, the more streamlined your decor and fixtures need to be.


Wallpaper; I cringe at this word because I have seen a lot of over use of wallpaper in my day; but there are so many choices and patterns now, you can find the right paper to satisfy your wallpapering addiction.  There are even stencil patterns that would look fabulous on a bare wall.  You can even add some shelving to break up or incorporate your wallpapered area.


Statement Pieces; If staining, painting, wallpapering or any other major time consuming project doesn’t fit your time schedule; you can still make your potty shine with statement pieces.  Replace that boring square mirror with an embellished one you found at World of Imports on the clearance isle.  Hang some fabulous curtains for that tiny window and have them drape to the floor and don’t forget (if there is space) to use a fancy curtain rod.  Hang one large wall art on a spare wall.  Add a mirror adjacent to your vanity mirror to add depth.

bath curtain

You can add some finishing touches by adding some shelves to keep your toiletries off of the counter,  some nice smelling soap in a pretty dispenser; even  keep some soaps in a dish on a shelf with some candles to give it that spa feel.  One very important thing to add, make sure your towels have a nice place to rest when airing out between showers.  There are cute ladder style racks you can lean on a wall, if attaching a rod on a wall is not an option.

All of these ideas can be done in 100$ or less.  Just remember not to overdo your boldness, and enjoy your new tiny space.


I’m not a Cheap Date; Just Budget Friendly

shoe flowers


Ah, Valentine’s Day; in my opinion a day created by Media Advertising and Hallmark.  The stores are filled with candies in fancy boxes, stuffed bears, balloons and special cards for our loved ones.  And the not so lucky that aren’t paired up with their significant other; can be reminded of their single-ness.

Despite my opinion on the subject, I do enjoy getting flowers and trinkets from my sweetheart, maybe a nice dinner date as well.  After all, who wants to be left out?  Not me!

So I thought this would be a good time to come up with some fun and inexpensive ways to celebrate this love fest and not overdraw the checking account.


The Traditional couple; If you are one of those that likes to stick with the tried and true; you can create the perfect date without going over budget.

Instead of making reservations at that fancy restaurant, create that cozy atmosphere using a little imagination.  Depending on where you live, can decide on where your setting is going to be.  Such as the rooftop of your apartment, the gazebo in your backyard, or even the comfort of your kitchen.

Shop around at the local dollar stores and thrift stores to find those items that suit your fancy to create your romantic space, and depending on your culinary skills; you can whip up that special dinner, or if cooking is not in your vocabulary order some Chinese takeout or visit your local Deli for your food fare.

Don’t forget to add some flowers from your florist and pick them up, having them delivered is what makes the cost skyrocket!

picture frame

The Crafty Couple; Do you have a knack for crafts?  Make your sweetie something that they can cherish, knowing you put time and effort in, makes that trinket that much more special.  One of my favorite handmade gifts is taking a picture frame and adding memorabilia inside, such as concert tickets, or maybe you kept keepsakes from your first date, or even cut out selfies of the two of you.  Another idea is to knit matching scarves and hats for you two lovebirds.  Anything you have a crafty knack for and make that special gift for your special love.



The Active Couple; Is outside your favorite place to be?  Exploring new parks or caves?   You can pick a new spot that your partner has never been to before and surprise them with a picnic on the edge of a waterfall.  Or if you have a favorite place and surprise them with a place setting already made up.  Take advantage of your environment; if you live near a lake, grab a 6 pack of your favorite beverage and pair it with some food fare from a local vendor, whether it be Tacos from Texas or Shrimp and Sourdough bread from the California Coast.

video games

If Tech Wiz is the name of your game, make a favorites’ on an IPod; or download your favorite video games and spend the day or night, just the two of you hashing it out on the PS4; or a better twist, download those old Atari or Nintendo games for some nostalgic game playing.

heart sand

The Single and Loving it; when my daughter was in College, and not interested in pairing up she would throw Anti-Valentine’s Parties.  All her unpaired friends would come together and celebrate Un Valentine’s Day.   BYOB was the theme (should I have knowledge of this?) and since she loves to throw parties, she would create the perfect smorgasbord of delectable snacks.

There are a lot of ideas to make your day special without spending tons of cash.  With a little planning and creativity, you can have a Special Valentine’s Day to remember!  If you have ways you celebrate and want to share, please add comments below!


Making my Boho Chic Guest Room

boho bed

One thing about this time of year; it gives me lots of time to work on indoor projects.  I have so many ideas whirling in my head to make my new home my own.  My house is the typical contract house with standard contractor cabinets, counter tops and paint.  It does have nice flooring though, I did get fortunate there.

So one of my easier projects is the décor in each room; I am going to set the pattern for the flow of my house, then work on hardware which is more tedious and time consuming.  My goal is to get all of my indoor projects finished, so when spring comes and the weather gets warmer I can work on making my landscape look just as inviting as the inside.

Today, my project is the guest room.  I have already finished my book nook, now I am going to incorporate the rest of the room with that Boho Chic style that I have fallen in love with!  One thing that is so awesome about decorating in this theme is, you can use anything you want. And I mean anything!   I went to my favorite shopping place and found drapes, Knick knacks and furniture pieces using as many colors and patterns that suited my whimsy.


Window Coverings;  I started off by hanging some nice big bold curtain rods; then took three or four different style of linens and curtains and draped them over the rods in a Hodge podge layered sort of way.  I could get fancy and add beads or string lighting to add some flare.

Walls; I have lots of canvas paintings from my daughter’s art classes and used those for wall hangings.  I even used a big linen tapestry and hung on one entire wall.  Anything can be used as wall hangings; gramma’s old bead necklaces, animal antlers or pieces of fur, wood pieces from the back yard, anything that catches your eye.   Like I said before, I love this décor style!

Furniture; anything goes with furniture pieces.  Shop around in the attic, garage, back store room, yard sales, and thrift stores to find those have to have staples.  I found some old shabby dressers, nightstands and a desk and spray painted them.  I also found an old desk chair and recovered it with some fabric I had in my sewing box, and added some beaded fringe around the bottom.

head board

Bed; another great thing about this style is even the bed doesn’t have to be traditional.  Depending your budget and style; you can use anything from a futon to a mattress on the floor and anything in-between.  I decided to use mattresses (mattresses should never be bought second-hand) and a low bed frame.  Since I didn’t have a head board, I made one out of fiber board and covered it with a quilt using my handy-dandy staple gun to secure it.  Just lean the homemade head board on the wall and push the bed against it for a quick and easy alternative.  I tie dyed some sheets, added a comforter and used multi colored pillows to tie it all in.  Added some funky area rugs and my room is complete!

All of these ideas are budget friendly and easy to do.  My skill set is simple but yet I can make my home look warm and inviting without breaking the budget.  I hope these ideas inspire you to create your own space with you and your family in mind.

DIY Book Nook for those Cold Winter Days


I don’t like the cold; it’s cold.  You have to bundle up to go outside, and if the wind changes direction it blows cold air on you and it gets really cold.   Did I mention I don’t like the cold?

Because it is so cold outside, I spend most of my time inside; the temperature controlled environment of my home.  Because of my dislike of being cold, this is a good time for me to work on crafts or projects around the house.  One of the projects I am going to work on is making a cozy book nook so I can read my kindle or write my blog in my nice new comfy warm space.


The Space; my first step is going to be finding the right space; an unused closet or corner of a room is usually ideal for this project.  I have an extra bedroom, which I am going to decorate boho chic will be the perfect place for my nook.  This room has extra walls and corners, so for me it is perfect!


A Place to get Comfy; There are so many ideas floating in my head; I can get really detailed or keep it simple.  Since my room is going to be boho shabby, I am going to stick with this theme for my nook. First thing to consider; what am I going to sit on?  I could use a big oversized comfy chair or make my own.  I decided to keep it simple, so I am going to use oversized pillows and cover them with a thick comforter and add smaller pillows to lean against the wall for a back rest.



Other Things;I went to my favorite shopping place-Goodwill, and I found a cute little table to put my lamp on and a cute little wooden box to put books in.  I hung some inspirational wall hangings and draped some old curtains from the ceiling to create a cozy private place to sit and relax.

I put some candles, incense and some pretty Knick knacks for my table.  Now I have a nice hiding place to stay warm and comfy away from the bitter cold outside.  I also have a little heater by the foot of the nook to keep my feeties  warm.

I hope this inspired you to make your own nook, and the best part is you can make it any way you like.  This is YOUR space after all.  Stay warm and happy reading!

 5 DIY Christmas Decorating Hacks I’ve learned along the way


We made it through Thanksgiving; now it’s time to rev up our Christmas Spirit.  I don’t know about you, but I love getting my house ready for the Christmas Festivities.  Each and every room in the house has a touch of Christmas, so you don’t forget what time of year it is as you walk down the hallway to a different room.

These are a just a few things I do to show my festive spirit and, of course, all are budget friendly.

angel ornaments

The Tree; Instead of paying ridiculous prices for ornaments and garland- make your own.  For the garland I use tulle; you can also use wide ribbon or burlap ribbon. It can be found anywhere from Hobby Lobby to Dollar Stores, a spool of ribbon costs anywhere from 1 to 3 dollars depending on where you buy it.

garland tree

My ornaments are almost all handmade;  since I have acquired a lot of wine corks, my main tree is wine themed.  I have made many variations of wine cork ornaments, using beads and ribbon, add some silk flowers, which cost about 5 bucks at Walmart and cut the flowers from the stem and add them throughout the tree.  Simple, yet elegant.

silk flower

The front porch; I took an old chair from the garage and spray painted it red. I went shopping at my local Goodwill and found some Christmas themed throw pillows and a cute Santa.

red chair

There are a lot of Christmas stuff at Goodwill, so anything you find that suits your fancy will be there to find.  I found a red basket and filled it with pine cones and branches I gathered from my yard and added some twinkle lights for a festive basket.

better wreath

I also made my own festive wreath, made from some twine from Walmart and some silk flowers I just tucked and wrapped around the twine.

christmas candle

Table top  décor;  candles, bowls and any kind of pretty dish you already have, just use sparkly tulle, ribbon, Christmas balls, silk flowers and potpourri and use your creative flair to design your own festive table toppers, the potpourri will give off a nice subtle festive scent as well.

living room xmas

Living room;  From my finds I swapped out throw pillows and blankets with the festive ones.  I added some silk poinsettias to flower vases and set around the house on shelves.


Kitchen and bath;  Add some festive hand towels and soap dispensers to the sink area to add that touch of Christmas.  Simmer some cinnamon sticks, clove, vanilla or any other pungent spice over the kitchen stove to leave your house smelling Christmasy all season long.


Now, my whole house is ready for Santa, and I didn’t have to spend a lot of money on decorations.  Whatever winter holiday you celebrate, there are so many cheap finds and craft ideas for you to incorporate into your holiday festivities.


Fall Decorating Tips for the Not- So- Crafty Crafter

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons (I only like four of them).  I love to decorate my home with all the seasons’ gifts Mother Nature has to offer; Mums, pumpkins, scarecrows, hay bales and wild flowers of golds, oranges and yellows.  I especially love those cute pics on Pinterest of fancy porches or table toppings with autumn décor.  Have you ever tried copying those ideas and it doesn’t look quite right?  Well, I have, and unless it involves a staple gun or a hot glue gun, then it’s no Bueno for me.

I am the not so crafty crafter.  I don’t know if I just can’t quite obtain the skill, or if my patience is short or maybe it’s my short attention span.  Whatever the reason is, I have learned to work around my short comings.  I take a project, that looks complicated and time consuming and make my own simpler version; using my handy dandy tools.


The Front Porch; I love Pinterest.  There are so many cute ideas on that site; this is my starting point.  I will scour through pics until I find the one I like that is simple to recreate and I can use materials that aren’t going to cost a lot of money.  My ultimate goal is to be able to let my creative side shine without busting the secret stash.

When shopping for items, I always start in my attic or garage; I am sure I have some left over pieces that are still in good shape.  Then it’s off to Goodwill for me.  Sometimes, when I am bargain shopping, my idea will take on a new shape.  I will find some neat trinket or someone else’s leftover and it will inspire a whole new idea.

I will take my finds from Goodwill, the dollar store or maybe a garage sale I happen to stumble upon, and start working on my Frankenstein creation.  That scarecrow I found I can use as my focal point and surround it with hay bales, maybe add some burlap ribbon to wrap around that brick that is holding up the cute little owl I found.  Add some plastic sunflowers, mums and some gourds and I have a cute display of autumn harvest on my doorstep.

harvest table

A Festive Table; I want the inside of my home to be just as festive as the outside.  The dining table is always a good place to start.  We want to start with the base layer; I start with a solid color table cloth.  Since my table is so big, I use a basic color then add a smaller one that is harvest decorated.  The next layer is linen napkins in a festive homemade napkin ring.

wine glass candles

The centerpiece, which is the table’s focal point, will be made of things I have created.  Such as large wine glasses filled with potpourri with tea light candles, cinnamon scented pinecones and china filled with wine corks and ribbon (which I seem to have a lot of).


Kitchen; my favorite hangout is the kitchen; this is where I can really bring out the season’s greatest treasures; the smell of baked cookies, breads and simmering spices of orange, cinnamon and nutmeg.   One of my favorite tricks is to have a tea pot simmering on the stove with orange peels, cinnamon sticks, vanilla, maybe some cloves thrown in there to give my home that wonderful warm smell that takes us back to gramma’s house.

cookies on china

On the counter I will have some sort of baked good sitting on the family china, and use those plates and dish ware! They are only collecting dust in the china cabinet anyway.   I use the good dishes whenever I can.  And if you aren’t blessed with gramma’s baking skill, there is nothing wrong with buying baked goods from the day old bakery section and serving it on your fancy dishes.  (I am guilty of this cheat)

simple porch

We now have an inviting front porch with our harvest decorations using our staple gun and glue gun, our dining table is festive and the kitchen smells wonderful.  And since we got all of our items from discounted places, it didn’t cost us more than a thin dime.

Creating the Perfect Kitchen on a Budget

My daughter reminded me of how much I love interior design.  I never thought of myself as an artist ( I draw stick figures) but art is more than that; its how we express ourselves, whether it’s through music, the clothes we wear, the food we cook, or the way we display our home.

My art is the way I display my home.  And the way I display it is through my desire for personal style and economical balance.   I love to challenge my self to create a living space that looks clean and tidy with my twist on fun colors and decor without busting my budget.

old china kitchen

To me the heart of the home is the kitchen.  Who doesn’t love to eat; especially in a warm and inviting area?  Smells of garlic and peppers and other spices in gramma’s homemade sauce simmering in a cast iron skillet over the gas stove; I’m getting hungry as I write.

But what makes a warm kitchen? And how do we create that space on a budget?

The basics:  my big thing is cleanliness and clutter.  I’ve lived in many different spaces with every imaginable kitchen from being too big to too small.  The key; try to use what you have and make it work.  Are the counters cluttered so you can’t even think straight let alone start a heart warming meal?   Small appliances, canisters, even dirty dishes can confuse the best Sous-Chef.  Clear off the counters.   Make a space for the dish washing routine that is organized and out of the way; maybe put the dish rack in the sink instead of next to it depending on the space you have.  That mail pile on the corner can stay organized with a cute napkin holder or even a cubby hung from the wall.


Make a home for appliances that aren’t used daily.  That small cupboard above the fridge or that below cupboard that is sitting empty is a good place. Canisters are perfectly OK in the pantry,(my canisters are made from recycled decorated coffee cans) I keep my flour and sugar in canisters in my baking cupboard.   Speaking of pantry; we need to keep our cupboards organized as much as possible.


This is a good place to throw in our work space triangle; sink, refrigerator, stove. We need a common work space, if it’s not already there, then we need to find alternative option.  Adding a table that is level with the counters to finish that triangle or adding a bar at the end of a counter.  My kitchen doesn’t have a triangle, it’s more like an L, and so I added a counter height desk to create my space.  This is where you can get creative and shop around at yard sales, thrift stores or discount stores.


Seating; the smell of freshly cooking food will always bring your company to your kitchen.  By adding some simple bar stools or chairs to the other side of the counter for social gatherings will let your hungry patrons feel invited to sit and watch your magic.  Another option is a corner table with benches.  The idea here is to have seating close to the kitchen action.  Again, shopping around town to find the perfect pieces that suit your kitchen; and you can always recover chairs with fabric to tie them in your color scheme.


Colors and Themes; your kitchen should be inviting and express your personal style. Whatever your theme is, remember not to overwhelm the reason for your kitchen.  Paint is always a great and inexpensive way to freshen up and create your new palette for your kitchen. You can even paint the cabinets, to give a nice finished look add new handles and knobs.  Or even add patterned cupboard liners for open cabinets.   If there isn’t enough cabinet space, you can add some shelving to an open wall space.   There are even options to recover counter tops to give them that granite look.   Another hack I found is using plastic place-mats for the back splash and you can easily tie it in to your color scheme.

back splash

Windows and lighting;  I want to see my new beautiful kitchen and there are so many options for window coverings, you can opt for the basic curtain and tie a knot at the bottom for a twist, or try your hand at fabric pull blinds or shades.

Lighting is usually overlooked, but by adding new light fixtures will give your kitchen that perfect sparkle. Again, go to flea markets, yard sales and discount stores to find the perfect fixtures for your new space.


There are so many nick knack pieces at your local goodwill (which, by the way, is my favorite place to start a project).  I’ve even looked around the house, or used the family china for elegant pieces of flair.

Add some nice area rugs and place settings and voila!  You have a warm inviting kitchen without busting out that credit card.

There are so many ways to create that warm kitchen that celebrates your style.  Have some fun with it and let your artistic light shine!