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Making my Boho Chic Guest Room

boho bed

One thing about this time of year; it gives me lots of time to work on indoor projects.  I have so many ideas whirling in my head to make my new home my own.  My house is the typical contract house with standard contractor cabinets, counter tops and paint.  It does have nice flooring though, I did get fortunate there.

So one of my easier projects is the décor in each room; I am going to set the pattern for the flow of my house, then work on hardware which is more tedious and time consuming.  My goal is to get all of my indoor projects finished, so when spring comes and the weather gets warmer I can work on making my landscape look just as inviting as the inside.

Today, my project is the guest room.  I have already finished my book nook, now I am going to incorporate the rest of the room with that Boho Chic style that I have fallen in love with!  One thing that is so awesome about decorating in this theme is, you can use anything you want. And I mean anything!   I went to my favorite shopping place and found drapes, Knick knacks and furniture pieces using as many colors and patterns that suited my whimsy.


Window Coverings;  I started off by hanging some nice big bold curtain rods; then took three or four different style of linens and curtains and draped them over the rods in a Hodge podge layered sort of way.  I could get fancy and add beads or string lighting to add some flare.

Walls; I have lots of canvas paintings from my daughter’s art classes and used those for wall hangings.  I even used a big linen tapestry and hung on one entire wall.  Anything can be used as wall hangings; gramma’s old bead necklaces, animal antlers or pieces of fur, wood pieces from the back yard, anything that catches your eye.   Like I said before, I love this décor style!

Furniture; anything goes with furniture pieces.  Shop around in the attic, garage, back store room, yard sales, and thrift stores to find those have to have staples.  I found some old shabby dressers, nightstands and a desk and spray painted them.  I also found an old desk chair and recovered it with some fabric I had in my sewing box, and added some beaded fringe around the bottom.

head board

Bed; another great thing about this style is even the bed doesn’t have to be traditional.  Depending your budget and style; you can use anything from a futon to a mattress on the floor and anything in-between.  I decided to use mattresses (mattresses should never be bought second-hand) and a low bed frame.  Since I didn’t have a head board, I made one out of fiber board and covered it with a quilt using my handy-dandy staple gun to secure it.  Just lean the homemade head board on the wall and push the bed against it for a quick and easy alternative.  I tie dyed some sheets, added a comforter and used multi colored pillows to tie it all in.  Added some funky area rugs and my room is complete!

All of these ideas are budget friendly and easy to do.  My skill set is simple but yet I can make my home look warm and inviting without breaking the budget.  I hope these ideas inspire you to create your own space with you and your family in mind.