A New Beginning

So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservation, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality, nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit.

Christopher McCandless


June; the perfect time to start a new chapter.  My son and I are finally getting a one bedroom apartment!   If we can ever get moved in-it’s been one hurdle after another; but you can’t stop this stubborn red head!


The universe always has her own timing, so it is very important we listen to her!


This past weekend we planned on moving, but our unit flooded!  We would’ve lost all of  the few things we do own, AND I decided to get very sick.

I spent a few days in the hospital with some stomach issues, which told me it’s time to take my health a little more seriously.   I guess level 50 is the magic number to start thinking about that sorta thing.  The good news is, now I am part of the medical system and I have more options for care.

New carpet, new eating habits and a new outlook, I am ready for my next chapter!


So, with all of that life stuff happening, it’s time for me to get back into my handy dandy budgeting skills I am so famous for in unknown circles and get to budgeting!

These are a few of my old school tricks and some new ones that I have picked up along my journey of surviving this world on a budget!

big things

Big Things

Word of mouth works great when gathering things from scratch.  I clean house for a dear friend, she has been so wonderful, and if only everyone had a fraction of her giving heart; this world would be a hundred times better than it is right now.  Not only has she shared her home with my son for the past year, she has a garage full of furniture just waiting for a new home and has generously given it to us for our fresh start.  If only I could return the gratitude to her to show her and her family how this fills my being.

cool shop


Little Things

Of course, now I have the perfect excuse, I mean reason, to hit the Goodwill shops!  Oh, how I miss my second hand shopping!  I can do so many magical things with my findings from Goodwill!  Curtains, throw pillows, baskets, odd pieces, whatever my whimsical heart desires!  I have a few blogs on this very topic, since it is one of my many favorites, but check this out for some ideas.

lady in bath

Saving money and the environment

Since I have to watch my budget and my health; I was trying to think of ways to do both.  Since paper towels can turn into a huge expense-what about using finger towels and linens for wiping and drying?  The dollar stores and secondhand stores have both for very cheap and I can reuse them!  I also found bleach tablets where the fabric dye is in the cleaning supplies at your favorite grocery store, so I can sanitize them during each wash cycle.  Not too shabby!  I can use the pretty baskets and dishes I found to display them nicely in my kitchen and bath to add some personal touch that blends with my décor.



Living in an apartment can make it challenging to keep the infestations to a minimum, so I am going to have succulents that have natural repellent properties. I haven’t actually tried these yet, but there is lots of info in the great world wide web, Mother Nature Network has lots of great info.




Since my furbabies have to share a yard with other critters, large and small; I will need to keep an area by the door with wipes and sprays to keep my babies from bringing in unwanted house guests.  This not only is healthier for me, but for them too.  I can use some hand towels to wipe them down so we all can be happy puppies!


Since we are also on the second floor, my poochieweenie doesn’t have a great attention span and a tiny bladder, so to remedy this, I can have an indoor potty yard just for her.  Keeps her off the carpet and instills the mindset of grass being the potty place for pooches.  You can find all kinds of grassy yards of all sizes and prices to fit your needs.  So far, I found that Amazon has the most variety.  I found one that is reusable that lasts for about 2 weeks depending on frequency of potty stops.

It is also very important for my babies to be current on their shots and flea maintenance.  There are always clinics to make sure this can be possible.  Check out humanesociety.org  to find out more.  And never skimp on your flea regimen.  For more info on my tips for caring for your fur ones check out my blog here

vintage shopping 2


With so many convenient options nowadays in the grocery store and the cost of food items, staying healthy and budget friendly can be quite a challenge.  My cure for this problem is buying fresh fruits and veggies and dividing them up into meal size packages and following food guidelines for proper storing. Good Housekeeping has some very reputable tips.

I could keep on going on and on,  but I do tend to get long in sharing, so maybe another day.

I just got a phone call that the apartment is still being worked on, so just a few more days…….


When I do finally get to move in, I am kissing the floor and am going to have a good cry!

Thank you for reading and

Hugs and Hope!



Count Fritzula The Tuxedo Cat



Count Fritz was no ordinary Count, he had the usual markings of a Tuxedo but with a little more. He had fangs like that of a proud Fritzula and his razor sharp claws were as pristine as the finest of kitty claws. Fritzula was also very proud of his 22lb stance. Lady Mama Wife would watch in awe as he strutted his stuff around the castle. But, a heed of caution, don’t ever make mention of his shorter than average manly tail; it would only crush this Count Fritzula’s kitty ego.

Count was very proud of his Man King and would make sure all the duties of watching over The Great Wise Elder were executed with the utmost importance. Fritzula, knew this was of the highest honor of all Tuxedo Cats, and was grateful for this responsibility.
Count Fritz also knew the importance of taking care of Man King. Man King would over work and forget to rest and push himself too hard. It was Fritzula’s noble duty to demand rest of the Man King. Once Man King was in his King Resting Chair, and only then, could Count relax and spend time with Lady Mama Wife. Lady Mama Wife was Man King’s Lady Queen, but being the Count that Fritz was, didn’t realize the difference between a Fritz and a she-man and would sit on the floor with Lady Mama Wife and let her rub his Tuxedo Chest. This pleased the Count, and he would guard and protect her as only a Count Fritz the Tuxedo Cat could.

Count woke up from his Tuxedo Cat slumber one morning when he didn’t hear the great chimes marking the time to tend to The Wise Elder, and knew something wasn’t right. Man King had to travel to the far away, leaving Count Fritz in charge of the castle. Fritz knew immediately the importance of this task; he was responsible for the safety of The Great Wise Elder. Lady Mama Wife would come to relieve the Count, but only for a small time and Count Fritz would be saddened by her departure.

This was a much larger task for The Tuxedo Cat with Fangs, and he was having unpleasant thoughts for Man King, and immediately felt much shame. Count Fritz could not understand why Man King left he and Lady Mama Wife alone in the castle and upon his return, Man King would surely get a licking from the Count!

Napping by the Orange giver of food on a warm spring day, letting the sun warm his Tuxedo Coat while dreaming of Lady Mama Wife rubbing his manly Tuxedo chest; Count Fritz with Fangs heard the familiar sound of footsteps and knew right away Man King had returned from his important journey.
Fritz ran down the massive winding stair case to the great opening that led to the outer beyond and welcomed Man King the only way a Count Fritz the Tuxedo Cat could. Fritz graciously praised Lady Mama Wife for bringing Man King back home, and all was happy again for Count Fritz the Tuxedo Cat with Fangs.


More adventures of Count Fritzula are coming soon!


In Memory of Theodore ‘Mr. Pickles’ Hawkes

He protected her

as valiantly as a Prince of Honor;

Following along every journey she travelled

alongside without a care, shielding her from the darkest of nights

Keeping her comforted and warm

as his playful spirit kept a subtle smile in her heart.

Now the Prince must travel onward

Though his memories will always stay

And She must always remember; Her noble Theo

Is faithfully watching over her from the heavens above


Do it Yourself Dog grooming Tips to Save on Expenses

Owning a dog can get very expensive.  Owning two dogs is twice as expensive.  I was given 2 ‘designer’ dogs in the past year.  One is a Schnoodle, named Kali, and the other is a Poochiweenie, named Olive.  Because they both have poodle in them, they require lots of maintenance.  Not keen on grooming bills, I decided to learn how to groom them myself.  Here are some tips I have learned.

Bathing:  Both dogs require frequent bathing.  Their fur gets oily and they both love to play in the dirt in my back yard; so I end up with oily dirty pooches.  Kali also has allergies, so I have to be careful what I wash her with.  First I wash them with Original Dawn dish soap, it gets rid of the oily residue, kills fleas and is a bug deterrent.  Then, I use oatmeal shampoo to calm their allergic skin.

Grooming:  When I was given Kali I watched YouTube videos to see how to trim her face, feet, nails and body.  This took lots of practice.  She looked like a shaved monkey for a while, but once I got the hang of it, I can now do it pretty quickly. My trick is to guide the blade and scissors with my fingers to keep the length even and to prevent scalping.  The scissors are much easier to use around their faces, to trim their eyebrows, beards and ears.  They don’t like the clippers around their face and ears; the noise freaks them out a little.  The fun part here is you can clip them any way you like.  I have experimented with Kali as I learned.  And they love the special attention!

Tools:  I got an electric clipper set with attachments.  I didn’t go cheap here, I wanted to make sure the blade stayed sharp; otherwise the blade will pull on that thick curly mane.  A two sided brush, one side for tangles, the other to smooth their fur.   A good pair of small scissors, like the ones beauticians use.  They don’t have to be name brand, just sharp, so again, you’re not pulling.  A good pair of toe nail clippers with the guide, I just do the tips I don’t want to cut the quick of their toes.  I would feel awful.

Fleas:  To keep the fleas away, I use a name brand flea regimen, Like Frontline Plus.  I buy it from 800-petmeds.  A little cheaper than the vet and the designer pet stores.  The off brands in the store do not have the ingredient to spread the medicine throughout their fur.  It just stays in the spot you applied it.

A little sprits, and now I have two clean designer dogs without paying the designer price.  Depending on where I would go, I would be paying $15-30 per dog every two to three weeks.  Minus the tools, I save roughly $700 a year.

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