Sasy’s Tips-Price Matching at Walmart

Hello fellow savers,

Summer is upon us and the cost of feeding those hungry active kids can be overwhelming. Well here is an easy way to save money on the go without clipping coupons. Who has time for that! lol
Let me introduce you to the flipp app. It is so very easy to use! It gives you all the sale ads for what ever zip code you put in.
Download the app from your play store. Once you are have it on your phone, put a zip code for a fairly populated area. I live in the fort worth area, so I use 76109.
Then just cruise the ads and tap the ones you like, the app will circle the item & place it on your shopping list for easy access in the store. Or, if you know of a certain item, search for that item specifically like Pepsi. The app will find all sales in the area for the zip code you have set.
A few things you need to know:
Items MUST be EXACT brand & size/quantity per package as listed in the ad when price matching.
For store brand items, like milk or eggs, Walmart will pricematch their store brand item for same size/quantity.
For produce, it cannot be a certain brand unless you are buying the same brand. Like oranges, if you buy the cutie brand has to be same size/quantity as the ad. But for loose produce without a brand name, just bag up how ever many pounds you need and they will price match the unbranded, loose produce, per pound item that you choose. I did tomatoes earlier.
For meats, its a little different. Make sure meat does not have a specific product name on it like Johnson, or Oscar Mayer. For hamburger, it has to be the same level like 80/20, Angus, or like butt roast etc., and must have the per pound dollar amount in ad. Like if its hamburger meat in the ad without the per pound amount listed and all it says is “family pack”, Walmart will not price match that.
Things you cannot price match:
Buy this get that
Buy this get this for a penny.
Items MUST have a specific price listed. But you can do this: $1.99 each when you buy 3, so in this instance you would buy three of the listed item @ $1.99 for each item. I did that with Dr. Pepper 12 packs the other day. Amazing deal.
Once your at the register, let the cashier know you are price matching. I like to line the items up at the register in the order they are listed in the app so the process will be smoother.
Here is the price matching I did at Walmart earlier. Its not much, but I am on a budget.
2-liter Pepsi – price matched to CVS @ .99
18 count eggs, price matched to Fiesta @ .87
Roma Tomatoes, price matched to Savers Cost Plus @ 2 lbs for .99
5 lb bag of potatoes, price matched to Supermercado Teloapan @ .99 for the whole bag!!!
I also purchased some Brat sausages and pork chops, but could not price match them because I just couldn’t get them to match up. I only paid 12.19 by price ​​matching, no coupons needed, I cut my grocery bill more than half!!!
But you can easily see how much you can save on grocery cost without clipping coupons or driving all over town to catch the good deals. There are a ton of snack and drink items for the kiddos on sale right now. Just look, you will be amazed at how much you can get for pennies on the dollar!!
I truly hope my tips and tricks help you guys. Let me know! Any questions, no problem, I am happy to help! Saving money makes me happy!!
Happy Savings Everyone!
Sasy 💖

 Freebie Finds in Fort Worth

sundance squareI have lived in the DFW area for almost 20 years and I never took the opportunity to explore what this great area in Texas has to offer.  Since I am beginning another chapter in this wonderful life of mine and my lack of budget; I decided it was high time to see what is out there and better yet, what I can explore for FREE!  First thing I did was check out the local website and to my surprise there is tons of stuff to do and it costs almost nothing.  My price range for sure!  Here are just a few gems I found around town…

museumAmon Carter Museum; Nestled in the art district of Fort Worth is now in its sixth decade of operation. The Museum of American Art offers a diverse array of exhibitions, publications, and programs that connect visitors to masterworks of American art.  If museums are your go to place to explore there are many museums scattered about town.

gardensBotanical Gardens; The oldest garden in Texas, established around 1929, with 110 acres and 22 specialized gardens, found off of University in Fort Worth.  If you get hungry on your journey, you must visit the Gardens Restaurant; with excellent staff and the fare is reasonably priced and comes with a nice wine list.

opryCowtown Opry; A nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of country music as a part of Texas heritage, the Cowtown Opry provides one of the most authentic Western experiences in the area. With free weekly concerts held outside on the steps of the Livestock Exchange Building, it’s almost like taking a time machine back into the days of cattle driving and saloons.

stockyardsStockyards Station; Located in the heart of the Fort Worth Stockyards, Stockyards Station provides an exciting blend of old and new Texas with historic walking tours along the Texas Trail of Fame, The Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame and more. The Station’s two dozen shops offer wine, cowboy boots, leather goods, jewelry, arts and crafts, and the best of Texas grub: barbecue, burgers and sizzling fajitas.

trinityTrinity Trails; Parks and trails along the Trinity River and its tributaries allow for a variety of outdoor activities. Trinity Trails offers 40 miles of running or biking trails, 17 trailheads for picnics and rest stops, five boat launches for canoes, kayaks and sculls, equestrian trails for horseback riding, a water-ski slalom course and fishing in a number of spots.

This is just a tiny list of all things Fort Worth has to offer for the occasional visitor or for the local; with so many things to do for every type of adventure.  Even the budget minded like myself can enjoy the lovely amenities this town has to offer without breaking the piggy bank.

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*information on Fort Worth tourism can be found at


What to do When the Electric Bill Goes Over Budget

Diane's Thrifty Cupboard

I woke up this morning, and it was already 85 degrees outside.  Summertime in Texas or anywhere for that matter is gonna be hot!  With the mercury rising, so does the cost of keeping our homes comfortable.  I have come up with some short term and long term ideas to help keep our budgets cool.

hot sun

What I can do now;   I don’t know about you, but I have to have my morning coffee to jump start my brain.  But, a hot cup of coffee doesn’t seem like a good idea when I am already sweltering; so how about yesterday’s coffee that I stored in the fridge and make a frosty ice coffee concoction.  Talk about killing two birds; I am saving on coffee and staying a little cooler.  Also taking a cool shower and dressing in light loose fitting clothing to help my body stay comfortable.   I also let my…

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What to do When the Electric Bill Goes Over Budget

I woke up this morning, and it was already 85 degrees outside.  Summertime in Texas or anywhere for that matter is gonna be hot!  With the mercury rising, so does the cost of keeping our homes comfortable.  I have come up with some short term and long term ideas to help keep our budgets cool.

hot sun



What I can do now;   I don’t know about you, but I have to have my morning coffee to jump start my brain.  But, a hot cup of coffee doesn’t seem like a good idea when I am already sweltering; so how about yesterday’s coffee that I stored in the fridge and make a frosty ice coffee concoction.  Talk about killing two birds; I am saving on coffee and staying a little cooler.  Also taking a cool shower and dressing in light loose fitting clothing to help my body stay comfortable.   I also let my hair dry naturally, adding some beach waves hair gel to get that summer beach look.



I took a walk around my house, to see where I can save some pennies.  I made sure my ceiling fans were turning forward or counter-clockwise to push the cool air downward.  Checked my thermostat; set the timer to turn up during the day, and down at night.

I also made sure all windows were closed tightly and made sure all windows had sufficient window shades and were closed.  Mini blinds and insulated or thermal drapery can be bought fairly inexpensively; a little shopping around to find the best prices.

dog fan

I also turned down the temperature on the water heater, about 110 degrees.  Speaking of temperatures, I set my dishwasher to air dry instead of heat dry and set the water to energy saving mode.  I also decided to use Mother Nature to dry my laundry instead of using the dryer; why add more heat when it’s already hot.  I have a clothes rack in my laundry room that works perfectly. I checked the temperature on my refrigerator, making sure it was at manufacturer setting.   I also made sure my light bulbs were LED or CFL bulbs.  The old style incandescent bulbs actually put off more heat than lighting; and made sure lights were off in rooms not in use.   I checked the power strips on my TV and office electronics, making sure they were up to date and the energy saving kind.  You can find these at any electronics store and they are reasonably priced.

light bulb

As for helping me to avoid a meltdown, I make sure I am drinking plenty of water, and if I have to run errands, I am going to do it early in the day, before it gets too hot out there.

glass of water

What I can do to invest in long term savings;  There are many ways to make sure your castle is energy efficient.  Starting from the top; invest in whirly birds and insulation for your attic.  Go for lighter colors to deflect the heat for your roof instead of the dark colors which absorb heat.  Make sure walls are properly insulated.  The department of energy; has the guidelines you need to be properly insulated.  There is also a Weatherization Assistance Program link to help low income families.  A lot of air escapes through windows; make sure they are sealed and updated for better efficiency.  I have a huge window in my living room, so I invested in window tinting.  I used Window Genie.  They have different types of tinting to fit your budget.  Make sure appliances are rated for energy efficiency; Energy is a good source for guidelines for your appliances.  They also have a rebate finder link.


Alternative Energy;   Since we are making sure our home is up to date, why don’t we check our options for alternative energy.  Solar panels have become much easier to come by, and there are many companies that install panels with little or no money down.  Solar panels can reduce your energy costs dramatically and there are several different types of programs you can choose, from leasing to buying.  Some websites I found are, and  I couldn’t find much information on wind energy.  There are co-ops and companies that offer wind energy, but I don’t think the savings is quite there yet.

solar house

If alternative isn’t the way to go, and you want to stick with regular electricity, be sure to compare and shop for rates on kilowatt hours to make sure you are getting the best deal.  The smaller companies are piggybacking on the main power lines, so you are paying the small company rate plus the carrier rate.  Also make sure you are on a fixed kwh rate, sometimes they are variable; from time a day to how many kwh’s you use in a month.  My carrier offers free nights and weekends, this works great for my household, since nights and weekends is when the usage is heaviest.

I hope some of these ideas will help you stay cooler this summer, and if you have any ideas you would like to share just comment in my email!

Traveling on a Budget Bohemian Style


Summer is in full swing and vacation fever has hit.  The expense of travel can get quite overwhelming.  I have come up with some ideas to make your travels inexpensive, and a chance for some new and different adventures.

The flight:   The cost of flying can be so unpredictable, and does require planning and shopping around for the best deals.  Spirit Airlines offers very low rates, the planes are smaller, so you are sitting closer to your neighbor, and if you are checking in luggage, they charge for every bag.  This is a good way to fly if you just have a carryon.  And since we are traveling bohemian style, who needs all that luggage anyway?  Also, Spirit is a fairly new airline, and has minimal destinations, but they are continually adding new stops.  I actually used Spirit in the past to get to Chicago.  The flight is a little rough, but the staff is very friendly.

I also came across  It works basically like or  Just put in your destination and dates and it spits out a list of airlines and prices.  Speaking of Priceline, if you aren’t committed to a time frame for your vacation, you can use the Name your Price option on Priceline.


Getting around:  Renting a car can get expensive and inconvenient, and taxis run up the budget meter in no time flat; check schedules for local transportation, like the bus or transit system, it can be exhilarating!   In some areas they offer moped or bicycle rentals for short journeys, much easier to maneuver especially in an unfamiliar town or country.   Each town is different as far as local transport.  I couldn’t find a one stop shop for this, it all depends on where you are going; just look up local transportation for that area.

motor scooter

Where to stay:  This can be an adventure on its own!  There are many options out there for the thrifty traveler; Hostels can be a great way to meet new people. In Europe, this is very common; sharing a room and facilities with others.  They can be same sex or mixed, depending on your preference., and are some of the websites I found to reserve your bunk.


If you really want to be boho chic, there is couch surfing.  This is basically staying in someone’s home and ‘sleeping on their couch’.   I know some hippie chicks that have done this.  Just carry your back pack and travel across country and couch surf on a student’s budget.  There are websites you can register to be a host or to find a couch to sleep on.  Of course, safety is a priority.  Sites like have a page dedicated to safety.

couch surf (3)

If you plan on staying somewhere for a while and want to save your pennies; there is the option of house sitting.  You basically stay at their house for free while they go on vacation, and take care of their animals, garden, etc.  I also know a retired woman who does this and has for years.  She has stayed all over Europe and parts of the States.  Each job can last a week up to a few months. is a good place to start if this is the way to go.


There are so many options out there to travel on the cheap.  Just a little creativity and an adventurous spirit can send you on your way to a memorable vacation!

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Celebrate Independence Day on a Budget

Buying themed party supplies and décor can get very pricey, as well as the menu.  Here are some ideas I am using to make my outdoor celebration fun without breaking the bank.

The Basics:  I went to my local Goodwill Store and dollar stores and shopped around.  I found a white linen table cloth, some linen napkins and some red, blue, and white plates of different sizes.  I also found a nice assortment of glassware to use for cocktails and table decorations.



The Main Attraction:  My table, where all the yummy food will be displayed is my focal point.  My finds at the dollar stores included aquarium rocks, flags, candles, ribbon, silk flowers and anything else that looked festive.  My layers started with the white table cloth.  The linen napkins, I dyed red and blue.  For the accents, I used the items I found.  This is where I got creative and used the glasses, like one would use with mason jars.  But, I wanted to go with a more sophisticated look.



The patio:  This is where it’s all going to happen, so it had to look just as festive as my table but, without taking away from the main event.  The food!  First I hung white Christmas lights around the edge of the patio; this gives a nice warm glow for when the sun goes down.  Along the edges I hung medium size Flags I found.   The patio chairs, I recovered with red and blue shams.


The menu:  Pork and chicken kabobs with lots of veggies, Hamburger sliders with bleu cheese spread, Arugula Pesto Potato Salad for the main dishes.  Star shaped watermelon using a cookie cutter and seedless watermelon, and mini strawberry shortcakes for dessert.  Cocktails consisting  of Ginger Spiked Lemonade and Homemade Sangria for the wine lovers.  All served on festive dishes and glassware.  The grill I use is a portable charcoal grill, which sets on a pallet of cinder blocks.  I added concrete steps as a walk to the grill.



Have a safe and delicious Independance Day! I hope these ideas inspire your creativity to have your own unique festive party!